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Totally Vaping Awesome is vaping's premier entertainment source. Combining humor, world affairs weekly segments and vaping; TVA provides continuous quality programs but be warned... these podcasts are not safe for work... and they're really really handsome...

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Down to earth vapecast - Hourglassx

Fun guys, plenty of useful information and just enough off topic remarks to keep it interesting.

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Episode Overview

Each week we break down the topics discussed on the show and give listeners an overview of what they can expect on the program. From the humorous, to the bizarre and all the stinging rant filled awesome you can stand. Join us on the episode overview and get a first hand account of the inner workings of the TVA show featuring MoocH 1 and Freeze.

Newest From the Blog

Recently Time Magazine published a “story” that harshly criticized vaping indoors. The author, Claire Lower, found the activity extremely displeasing and set about to promptly scold us for our abuse of freedoms. We at TheTVAShow.com wanted to clarify some ideas regarding that piece.

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